May 2, 2016

INTOCABLE Conquered Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara México!

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*Releasing new álbum titled “HIGHWAY” junio 17, 2016*
*Pre-Order Mayo 13, 2016*

Hollywood, Ca. (Monday May 2nd 2016).- Once again INTOCABLE added another achievement in their music career, a sold out performance at Auditorio Telmex.

Last Friday the Zapata, Texas natives performed an outstanding performance at the premiere Guadalajara City venue where audiences sang and danced to the rhythm of their songs/

A magical and spectacular night where the Texas group, led audiences through their biggest & current hits of their two decade career.

“Eres mi droga”, “Fuerte no soy”, “Perdedor”, “Enséñame a olvidar”, “Y todo para qué”, “Cajita de carton”, “Parece que no”, “Dame un besito”, they were just some of the singles INTOCABLE performed throughout the concert, plus “Tu ausencia” first single off their forthcoming new 14-track album titled “HIGHWAY” set for release June 17, 2016/

No doubt this was an unforgettable night for the members of INTOCABLE, who promised to soon return soon to Guadalajara to fill them with lots of music and soak up the affection that their audiences offers them.

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